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Our website hosting services offer reliability and responsiveness, that you can depend on.

Cloud Platform

Rather than host your website on a single server, we use multiple servers in a clustered formation so that if one server goes down, there are many other servers to take over. This means that there is no loss of service to your website and performance won't be affected.

This also means that should your website performance peak, you can draw on powerful resources to keep your site online. The extra servers will balance the load so that your website's performance won't be affected.

Data Centres & Infrastructure

We house our servers in brand new, fully redundant, secure data centres that are monitored around the clock by a team of experts to ensure optimum performance.

Our data centres don't rely on third parties for support or second tier networks for connectivity; they have their own our own IP Transit and peer with multiple partners, so that your website will receive a fast, dependable, online service.

Security & Updates

Our data centre Cloud platform is regularly updated with the very latest security patches, as well as hardware and software enhancements.

Managing your web hosting

We fully manage your hosting, email, domain name and other services. We make sure everything runs smoothly and your website is online, all the time.

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